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As a Fractional Chief Learning Architect, I specialize in turning your expertise into transformative online courses. Leveraging my extensive background in learning design and user experience, I offer tailored strategies to breathe new life into your offerings and maximize impact and income.

My VIP Day Services

Unlock Your Course's Full Potential: Hire a Fractional Chief Learning Architect for a VIP Day of Transformational Course Design

Are you ready to elevate your online course to new heights? Invest in a VIP Day with a Fractional Chief Learning Architect and experience a transformative leap in course design and optimization. Benefit from personalized, high-impact consultation that addresses your unique challenges and unlocks new opportunities for learner engagement and revenue growth. Choose between a half-day deep dive or a full day of comprehensive guidance to fit your specific needs. Let's craft a premier learning experience together, tailored just for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Choosing to work with an fCLA brings invaluable advantages to your course creation journey. Rooted in the principles of effective learning design and user experience, I specialize in tackling your specific pain points, be they stagnant learner engagement or low course completion rates. With a balanced approach that unites pedagogical principles with human-centered design, I offer personalized, adaptive guidance to optimize your course for impact. Under my collaborative partnership, your courses will not only engage but also deeply resonate with learners, empowering them to transform their lives.

What can I do in a day(s)?

In a half or full VIP day, we get hands-on to make meaningful strides on your learning experiences—whether you're just starting out or looking to refine existing courses. Half-day sessions are perfect for new course creators, focusing on initial brainstorming, ideation, and outlining the course structure. For those with existing courses, we'll conduct a thorough review, identify quick wins, and plot short-term strategies. Opt for a full-day session, and we'll go further, diving into everything from course review to long-term learning strategy mapping. By the end, you'll have actionable steps and a strategic roadmap tailored to your specific needs, setting you up for lasting impact.

How does the process work?

Securing your VIP day with me is a simple yet thorough process, designed to maximize our time and your outcomes. Once you've scheduled and paid for your session, you'll receive an intake form to prepare for our intensive collaboration. This ensures we hit the ground running, aligned on your goals. During our dedicated time, we'll dive deep into your course creation or optimization, depending on your unique needs. After our session, you'll receive an After-Action Report, which will outline our progress, achievements, and specific recommendations for your next steps, ensuring you have a roadmap to follow as you move forward.

What are my clients saying about me?

Client testimonials often highlight my ability to demystify the course creation process, praising the clarity and actionable steps I provide. Many appreciate my comprehensive approach that blends pedagogical best practices with creative designs to leverage existing tech tools, all while maintaining a strong focus on user experience. The common thread? A transformative impact on their course offerings and confidence as course creators.

Who is my ideal client?

Your ideal client is a niche expert or entrepreneur who is looking to create or optimize an online course. They value high-quality, transformative educational experiences and are eager to invest in both their content and their audience. They might be either new to the course creation landscape or experienced but seeking to elevate their current offerings. These individuals are looking for a guide who can provide strategic, tailored, and hands-on support to make their courses not only stand out but also achieve their desired impact and income.

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