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If you are looking for a Copywriter who can capture your audience's attention and inspire them to take action (purchase your product), I'm the Copywriter for you!

I'm Hope, and I'm here to help you optimize your message so your business can scale financially ... after all ... that's the goal!

I have over 20 years of writing experience, combined with an extensive and successful fundraising background. If you want words to influence ... you are in the right place! Let's get your VIP Day up and running!

PS, I'm a coffee lover, so let's chat more over a cup of coffee! (If coffee isn't for you, I can dig tea too!)

My VIP Day Services

Copywriting VIP Day

You want freshly crafted copy strong enough to engage and convert your audience into paying customers or gracious donors ... WITHOUT the long wait time and DIY Hours!

You can have your copy and coffee too ... without lifting anything more than your coffee mug!

You can choose between the following 4 VIP Day Packages:

* Email Copywriting Day - Includes Discovery Call + Pre-VIP Day Prep & Strategy + Copywriting VIP Day for 10-12 Emails + post-day refining of 1 hour

* Website Copywriting Day - Includes Discovery Call + Pre-VIP Day Prep & Strategy + Copywriting VIP Day for 3 - 4 Website Pages + post-day refining of 1 hour.

* Fundraising Copywriting Day - Includes Discovery Call + Pre-VIP Day Prep & Strategy + Fundraiser Landing Page Copy + 3 months of Fundraiser Direct Mail Copy (3 Letters) + 3 Months of Fundraising Nurture Emails (6 emails) + Copywriting VIP Day + post-day refining for 1 hour

* Blog Copywriting Day - Includes Discovery Call + Pre-VIP Day Prep & Strategy + Copywriting VIP Day for 4 blogs (up to 1,000 words) + post VIP Day refining of 1 hour.


Full day


Half day


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Time is Money
You've heard this saying before - and it certainly rings true!

Time is one of your most valuable assets ... one you can't get back!

So, invest your timely wisely, doing what you do best - and leave the Copy to me!

Time is ticking ... so get your Copy ~ Done In A Day!

Words are Powerful
"Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me! "

Remember that little diddy from your childhood? I do!

I always thought it was a little off, because words, my friend, are powerful!

So powerful you want to make sure your copy is strategically crafted to build your business by converting your audience into buyers and donors!

It's All About You
When you book a VIP Copy Day you get a day that's 100% about you!

Your business doesn't have to share my creative mind space for the WHOLE DAY! NO other clients ... NO other calls ... just you, you, you!

From my first cup of coffee the morning of your VIP Day until it's delivered to you the very next morning ... while you sip on your morning java blend ... my mind is totally focused on creating copy that gets the job done for your business!

(Truth be told ... I start getting into my creative flow for your business a day before your scheduled VIP Day ... but we won't tarry too long on my creative OCD ...)

What can I do in a day(s)?

Check out what each of my packages offers, and that's the average of what I can get done in a day.

However, I do ask my clients to for a priority list so I can start with your most important items first ... to make sure your highest priority items are done and ready for you use!

How does the process work?

Step 1: Discovery Call - we will chat about your strategy and needs and come up with a verbal plan

Step 2: You will complete a questionnaire to help ensure I have all the tools I need to make your VIP Day run as smoothly as possible

Step 3: I'll take care of some Pre-VIP Day Prep to get ready for your big day!

Step 4: I'll put on my favorite coffee brew and get to work on your copy!

Step 5: I'll reach out with questions throughout the day. You won't need to be available all day, but your quick responses help me get the most done for you throughout your day!

Step 6: I'll sleep on it (My father always told me to go to sleep and take one last glance with a fresh set of eyes). So, that's what I'll do. I'll take a last looksie at your copy the morning after your VIP Day, make updates, and then send your way

Step 7: You will have 48 hours to review your copy and request edits

What are my clients saying about me?

Hope is amazing to work with and her own story is beyond inspiring. I will definitely work with Hope again and look forward to watching her flourish!
- Julia, Intentionally Focused Life Coach and Author

As a business owner, I interact with people trying to 'sell me' their services every day. My experience with Hope was much different. She listened, asked questions, and was open to my needs, even as they changed throughout the process. Hope didn't just provide a service; she took time to understand my mission and vision. I feel that Hope cares. The final product could have been average, but fortunately for me, the final product far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely use Hope's services in the future!
-Curtis, Speak4MC Coach, Trainer, and Community Leader

Before I hired Hope, I was inconsistent in blogging and emailing. I knew something needed to change to serve the women on my list. So, reached out and was referred to Hope. It was truly God working! She immediately knew what I needed and how I wanted to serve. Open rates have increased and now not only are the women getting amazing content, my list has been growing and more women are finding me. The burden she has taken off me is huge. Now, I have the space and focus to serve my clients more impactfully. I highly recommend working with Hope!
-Amanda, Christian Life and Weight Loss Coach

I love working with Hope. I really love her intention and attention to detail and the want to carry that through my content. She is thoughtful and I can't wait for the world to see the work!
-Warren, Business Coach

Who is my ideal client?

My ideal clients are coaches, authors, speakers, and course developers who are looking to use their giftings to encourage and develop others.

I can take the amazing work you are doing, partner your giftings with the right words and strategy, and take your audience to the next steps you need to make your business scale!

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