VIP days,
it’s in the name

No one has weeks or months to wait around to get things done. We’re a group of experts obsessed with making your life A LOT easier. All in a day’s time.

Let’s unleash the expert in everyone.

What do you need help with? How can we create and collaborate together?

A platform to book VIP days, built by VIP’s

Yes, we eat our own dog food. Why not utilize VIP day experts to build this bad boy? From the website design/development to the copywriting and strategy, we had a team of rockstars create the unthinkable.

VIP Days Leadership

We founded VIP Days in 2022 because we knew there had to be a quicker and more effective way to get projects done. What started as an added service offer is now a movement – there are thousands of VIP experts worldwide!

When people book their first VIP day, they can’t believe how incredible it is that they can get what they need done in an entire DAY. Projects they thought would take countless hours, tens of thousands of dollars, are now doable in day (s). You will never think of doing it on your own, when you can book a VIP to do it for you. Someone please press the “that was easy” button 😉

Laith Masarweh

Co-Founder and CEO

Repeat founder. Believes great people + dialed systems/processes = chef’s kiss. Former Startup of the Year winner. Golden Retriever lover.

Joyce Golden

Co-Founder and CMO

Pay no attention to the “woman” behind the curtain.  Believes in creating a world where entrepreneurship is available to everyone because businesses are built around our lived experience and innate talents.

Sarah Masci

Founder of Day Rate Mastery®

Queen of VIP Days. Taught over 2,500 experts how to create, launch and scale a VIP Day offer. Mom of 4. Values simplicity, generosity, freedom and family.

Sharran Srivatsaa

Chief advisor

Nicknamed “The King of Scale”. CEO of Highland Prime. 4x INC. 500 Entrepreneur with 5 exits in the last 19 years. Investor and advisor to 8 and 9-figure business owners. Creator of the 5am Club for Entrepreneurs.

Jenny Chan

Lead Developer

Brings business ideas and communities to life through code. Founder of Women in Web Dev. Loves reading, yoga and dogs.

What we value

Getting sh*t done

We want people so obsessed with what they do that they get an adrenaline rush when speaking to a client. Ever score a goal, kick a field goal, or hit a home run? That’s how we want you to feel after a day with a client.

Winning as a team

When we say there’s no I in team, we mean it. We’re in this together to win. If you win, we win.

Putting people first

We’re always thinking about how we can make your life easier and more fulfilling. We want you to feel like one of the family, not just another VIP or client.

Want to join our amazing team?

If you think you have something to bring to the table let us know!

We are lucky to have an amazing team with an extremely impressive track record. From a 3.5 billion exit from one team member to managing the largest promotional advertising campaign in US history by another. Ever heard of the “Got Milk?” campaign, yeah that was the one. Oh wait, how about when one of our team members won 2021 Startup of the Year? That was pretty nuts. We are always looking for world class talent to join the VIP days movement and spread the word globally!