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Samantha Mabe, creative director and designer of Lemon and the Sea, helps service providers and coaches who are ready to launch their signature offer and need a website that matches the high-caliber work they're doing. With her signature framework, Samantha has designed and customized websites for all different types of entrepreneurs. When she is not digging into design and strategy, Samantha loves true crime podcasts, adventures with her toddler, and trying to keep up with her Netflix queue.

My VIP Day Services

Sales Page Design VIP Day

Get a launch-ready sales page designed with strategy, accessibility, and conversions in mind. I design sales pages for coaches and service providers who want to focus on their clients — not battle with the newest Squarespace update. If you’re looking for on-brand, accessible, and efficient design for Squarespace or Kajabi — you’re in the right place! You don’t have to use your precious time and energy on tasks that don’t light you up. But you also know that you have an amazing new offer - and it needs a sales page in order to launch with confidence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Once your sales page is complete, all you have to do is share it with the world (and do one happy dance for each of your new Stripe notifications).

I build user-friendly sales pages that make you feel excited to talk about your offer. Want to know exactly how it works?

Join my roster of happy clients who go on to do things like:
👉 Launch their offer with excitement instead of avoidance
👉 Go from cringing about sending the sales page link, to proudly showing it off
👉 Save tons of time on trying to DIY and use that energy to perfect their offer
👉 Use their sales page design to strengthen their brand identity
👉 Focus on making sales instead of endlessly tweaking their design
👉 Book calls and make money while they’re snoozing, all thanks to strategic design

What can I do in a day(s)?

I will design a custom Squarspace or Kajabi sales page. After your VIP day, you’ll have a completely custom sales page, ready to launch as soon as you hit “Publish”.

And a gorgeous sales page on its own is great, but I’m not just going to leave it at that.

You’ll also get:
👉 Domain hookup (if needed)
👉 Google Analytics setup so you can measure traffic to your page
👉 30 days of support after the VIP day for minor updates and changes
👉 Video tutorials on how to make adjustments to your sales page

How does the process work?

In a Sales Page VIP Day, I’m taking everything about your brand and offer, and turning it into a ready-to-launch design.

The best part? You don’t even have to be there while I design it.

Once you fill out the pre-work questionnaire, I take the reins on developing a design strategy. All you have to do is provide feedback a few times throughout the day (which you could even do poolside if that’s your thing)!

My sales page design VIP day works because of my proven process and skill — and my ability to bring your vision to life with very little effort on your part.

Prep 🎨
You’ll get a design mood board based on your questionnaires that will guide the design. I’ll also get all the little details squared away so we’re ready to rock and roll when the big day comes!

Propose 👀
You’ll get a mockup (first draft) of your sales page design and have the chance to provide feedback before I go any further. This helps to avoid any miscommunication and makes sure I’m meeting your expectations so far.

Produce 🖌️
By the end of the VIP day, you’ll have a strategically planned sales page in Squarespace or Kajabi based on your mockup, as well as mobile design so you’re ready to launch. I’ll also test all the links so you know everything is working perfectly!

Perfect 🖼️
It’s done! All you need to do is give the final A-OK on the design, or give any notes on minor changes you want me to make before you’re ready to launch.

Propel 🚀
You’ll be set up for success with a tutorial video specific to all the design elements on your page, upload backups of the CSS and style settings used, and access to my extensive video tutorial library. You know, just in case you need to make changes down the road!

What are my clients saying about me?

“Price was my big hesitation in having a site built, but I’ve spent hours listening to Samantha’s podcast (Process to Profitability) and I know she knows what she’s doing. As someone who struggles to make time to focus on my own company, it was great partnering with Samantha. I was impressed with the systems Samantha has in place to make the process so simple for her clients, including her communication. And I love the final design! Although I haven't "officially" launched, I have already got compliments from friends and potential clients about how nice the site looks.”
Rachael Jamison | Rachael Jamison

“Working with Samantha was easy, efficient, organized and the website is fantastic! We really enjoyed the entire process. It was quick and easy. Loved the tutorials and the final website design was awesome! We are proud to send people to it now. Thank you so much Samantha! You Rock!”
Chris Nguyen & Jennifer Hughes, Leak Locators

“I really feel like this will be a long-lasting tool for my career and it all happened so fast!” – Sydney Troxler | Sydney Troxler

“It felt easy to express what I wanted and she was able to take that and create something truly beautiful.” — Astrid Degado | Astrid Stars

“The whole process was transparent and simple. I’m so grateful for Samantha and her talent.” – Nicole Burchett | Burchett Photography

“Working with Samantha to build my website was a dream! I am so grateful for her process and the final product” Amanda Rock | Red Bow Productions
“I'm truly a wordsmith and not visually oriented. Sam was able to take my written ideas and create a brand vision that felt very much like mine. She's truly a magician at what she does.” — Judi Harrington | Author

Who is my ideal client?

I design sales pages for coaches and service providers who want to focus on their clients — not battle with the newest Squarespace update.

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