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I help businesses improve their customer experience programs & operations.

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Hi There! I have over 20+ years of experience providing exceptional customer service and developing customer service operations, strategies and workflow systems in various industries from government agencies to business start-ups, e-commerce platforms, and mid to large corporations.

I am well versed in many e-commerce CRM Systems, establishing CX Standard Operation Procedures, and reviewing customer system operations to develop efficient workflows and implementation plans. Once clients work with me and execute these strategies the results save time and create better overall experiences for internal team members and customers.

My VIP Day Services

CX System Tune Up (VIP 1/2 Day)

The Problem: CX (Customer Experience or Service) teams will meet and have plans to make changes and improvements in their procedures but they do not always execute them to provide the expected outcomes. Teams that prioritize improvements and have plans do not always have time to map out when improvements can be made or rolled out. Usually, other pressing operational matters take attention away from the intent and attention is pulled elsewhere. Managers and Teams end up planning on the fly and information goes missing or undone. Alternatively, if planning sessions are not already a part operations, these lists and improvements will gather virtual dust in their operations files and be pulled out on the next conversations only to be shelved again.

This cycle continues until a decision is made to take bold action and hire someone like myself to help guide clarity to the situation and help facilitate the plan that will bring positive changes to CX operations.

CX System Tune Up is a VIP 1/2 day (4 hours) working with CX experience strategist, Sasheen Murray (me!). I will help you to put together a CX system improvement plan that can be carried out through the year or sooner, with action steps and tasks that can be delegated by your team or partner contractors. As the plan is broken down into actionable steps and tasks that can be incorporated into daily schedules there is a higher probability the outcomes can be achieved faster and with the expected outcomes.

If this sounds like your business I invite you to book a quick chat with me to discuss what the VIP day can do for your team.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

CX Tune up VIP 1/2 day will assist with:

Help to improve communication with your Customer Service team
Address bottlenecks with delegation protocols for CS improvements
Help keep customer concerns and outcomes as a priority
Help better understand customer issues with product/services

What can I do in a day(s)?

Help Guide Business owners and CX management through a process where they identify CX improvements or projects they'd like to execute and develop an actionable plan that can be delegated once complete.

How does the process work?

To get started book a quick chat to discuss booking a VIP 1/2 day.
For clients who move forward they will book the date, complete their payment and sign the VIP day agreement.
Once complete they will be sent a Pre-Work Questionnaire that will help identify goals, pain points and topics for the VIP day. Once the day arrives we will meet and work through goals and talking points.
Post VIP day a workbook of deliverables and an implementation plan will be forwarded for their team to execute on the improvements and goals discussed.

What are my clients saying about me?

"Sasheen was professional and kind and has deep understanding and knowledge for customer support systems."

"A pleasure working with Sasheen. She has excellent knowledge of customer support systems and was instrumental in helping us set ours up."

Who is my ideal client?

Overwhelmed, stressed business owners, CX managers and teams who recognize they're customer service system challenges and need help organizing an actionable plan.

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