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Shyera McCollough is a Customer Experience Coach who is all about empowering passion-driven CEOs to create amazing customer experience journeys so they get, keep, and make a lasting impact on their ideal customers. Shyera knows the importance of having an awesome customer experience journey for potential and current customers and strives to educate and help others understand that customer experience is heart centered first and foremost.

Shyera is a small town, Florida native, wife to a computer repairing sound engineer & auto technician, mom of three (The Double A Girls feat. Lil Bro), and lover of God, laughter, the ocean, food, dance, music, sports, reading, and arts & crafts.

My VIP Day Services

Customer Experience Strategy VIP Day

The Customer Experience Strategy VIP Day is a 4 hour day where we review your customer research data, audit your current customer experience journey, and create the frame for your new and improved customer experience journey for your ideal customers/clients. With this VIP Day, you'll be able to fully map out your journey on your own and will confidently be able to get & keep your ideal customers/clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Knowing what your clients/customers think, need, and want
Understanding how to get and keep the customers that you want
Having a passion-driven game plan that allows you to make an impact in your customers'/clients' lives
Having someone to guide you as you take your customer experience journey to the next level

What can I do in a day(s)?

Review previous and current client/customer data while forecasting future customer data, Perform an audit of your current customer experience journey, Create an impactful and amazing customer experience frame that allows you to bring in the missing pieces of you customer experience journey

How does the process work?

Fill out the contact form. If we're a great fit, we hop on a connection call to answer any questions you may have. Once payment received and contract signed, we schedule the day and you complete the prework questionnaire.

What are my clients saying about me?

"I found it beneficial working with Shyera. She was able to help me set realistic planning, be organized...& have clear communication with my customers via Social Media, giving them what they're looking for." - Denice Rohadfox

'I had no idea what client experience was before working with Shyera. Now, I am confident that I can give my clients a pleasant customer experience working with me!" - Joanna Huang

Who is my ideal client?

Passion-driven CEOs who are ready to create awesome and impactful experiences for their clients. They're ready to get clients on repeat and create loyal and raving clients who sing their praises far and wide.

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