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Focus your Energy on your Creative Craft — I will design the rest.

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Hey, I'm Magy Ortiz, a Graphic and Web Designer (Certified Coach, Healer, and Writer) helping service providers, entrepreneurs, and creatives bring their ideas into visual experiences to connect and impact others through their passion for teaching, self-knowledge, and self-expression.

My VIP Day Services

Get more Creative and Productive

As a Creative and Highly Sensible Person, I am aware of how overwhelming it may be to constantly create content for social media, courses, and website updates on top of pursuing your creative craft.

Not to mention that forcing yourself to constantly create, can completely stop your creative flow. And that's not what we want.

Let me assist you if designing is not your strong suit or if you lack the energy to engage in all of your creative endeavors 👇🏼

Creative Services: Get what "has to be done" designed for you, so you can entirely focus your energy on your creative craft.

What can be done in a day (or two):
① Mini-Branding: (logos, color palette, font selection, brand booklet)
② Landing or opt-in page for authors, coaches, or creatives
③ Formatting and Design of eBooks (up to 50 pages)

Investment: $777 USD

Gentle Productivity Session: Embrace a new way of doing things by beginning with who you are rather than with what you have to do.

90 minutes to assist you in designing a productive routine that:
① Keeps you productive without exhausting yourself
② Works around your energy, cycle, and lifestyle
③ Creates more room for resting and enjoyment
④ Identifies your limiting beliefs around work, time, rest, and productivity

Topics we can cover: Human Design, Cycle Sync, Subconscious reprogramming, Gentle Productivity, and more

Investment: $333 USD
*This service can be added or chosen on your application form.


Full day


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Finally, be able to reclaim your time to focus in your creative endeavors.

What can I do in a day(s)?

1. Mini-Branding (logos, color palette, font selection, brand booklet)
2. Landing or opt-in page for authors, coaches, or creatives
3. Formatting and Design of eBooks (up to 50 pages)

How does the process work?

① Choose your service
② Book your Creative VIP Day
③ Enjoy your time while I design for you - simple as that!
④ The next day is for adjustments, so we can see work done with fresh eyes.

What are my clients saying about me?

"My experience with Magy was very enriching, even therapeutic. I arrived lost, with many ideas in the air and her guidance was very humane. Magy helped me listen to my own voice, we talk about trust, and how to take the first step. What surprised me the most, was that I thought it would be a conversation about processes and it ended up being one more experience of the heart. I feel at ease and more confident to take the first step with my business".

"I just wanted to share with you that I was surprised because, with small actions that I have carried out, which really were not many, I have had much more impact than when I did more and more".

"These were two transformational weeks for me. You introduced me to a world that I know but that I had not applied to the business area, making it feel more and more comfortable for me to work. So thank you very much for everything and for your patience".

Who is my ideal client?

Service providers, authors, and creatives who need creative support, so that they can focus their energy on their purpose, clients, and loved ones.

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