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Tech setup and connections, troubleshooting, problem-solving, and creating systems are my favorite things to do. I've had the opportunity to hone my skills while working with many different clients in a wide variety of niches and on many different platforms. If it makes you want to throw your laptop, it's probably right up my alley!

My VIP Day Services

VIP Day Tech Intensive

Imagine someone doing for you in a day (!) what would take you days or even weeks to research, figure out, and implement. (All with your fingers crossed that you're doing it correctly.)

That tech setup you've been putting off or those broken pieces you've been ignoring? I've got you!

A full VIP Tech Intensive experience involves my eyes, ears, and brain SOLELY on your business for 6 hours.

My skills + intense focus will take so much off your business plate before you even fill your dinner plate!

(Half days available with prior approval, if I assess your needs and feel 3 hours would be enough.)


Full day


Half day


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

I can accomplish in a day the types of tech setup and connections that would take you days or weeks! You book, I do the work, you're on your way.

What can I do in a day(s)?


✔️ Build a Shopify store

✔️ Audit your Facebook Business Manager account, install the pixel and standard events on all sites/pages/products, clean up extra ad accounts and pixels, verify domains and configure conversion events, test, etc.

✔️ Set up Google Analytics (including all the important settings inside the account that allow for cross-domain tracking, referral exclusions, etc.) and install it on all your platforms.

✔️ Create products and checkout pages in ThriveCart and connect them to your sales page buy buttons + test your funnels

✔️ Clean up your email funnels/automations

✔️ General website/platform punch list of tech tasks

How does the process work?

First you look at my schedule, choose a day, and book & pay (in full or 50% down) for your VIP Day Tech Intensive.

I coordinate with you before the scheduled day to get all the information, access, and logins I need so those tasks don't have to eat into the Intensive itself. If necessary, we have a brief video meeting if there are things to discuss that can't be easily made clear via a Loom video.

On the day of, we communicate inside a Google Chat Space, which features threaded conversation and also allows for the ability to share files, so that our interaction can stay organized.

I need you to be readily available to respond to questions/clarification throughout the day, but other than those potential touch points, I have my head down working on your business!

When I'm finished, I record a Loom video walking you through the work I did. I'm a teacher by training and at heart, so it's important to me that you understand as much as possible! I also provide a document of info and/or next steps, if applicable.

You receive 14 days of post-Intensive support to ask questions (in that same chat space) about the work I did.

What are my clients saying about me?

"I'm no stranger to working with online tools and it's rare I can find someone who understands my complicated questions. When I met Melissa, I was so relieved to have someone to help me figure out the really complicated issues that no one else understands."

"It would have taken me days to complete what Melissa was able to do in just a few hours. From the initial point of contact to the very end of the Intensive, Melissa made it very easy for me to communicate my needs so she could then follow through on each task. While I'm thrilled with how efficient Melissa was in getting things done, my favorite part is the videos she recorded explaining how to move around on the different platforms so I know what to do on my own when I'm ready to take the next steps."

"I engaged Melissa to help me pull together all the techy bits to complete my move from Kajabi to ThriveCart Learn+. Very knowledgeable and efficient. I couldn't have done it myself (I am NOT techy at all)."

"Thank you so much. Your videos are worth all of the money!"

"I cannot thank you enough. I wasted hours upon hours trying to figure this stuff out myself. I would highly recommend your services to any business. You were professional and explained my errors with nontechnical language I could understand. You also provided me with the best practices to follow going forward in your Loom video."

"Thank you very much for the detailed video. I've learned a lot from the way you explain things and also there is no way I would've navigated all that on my own or by just trying to search for the answers on the Internet."

Who is my ideal client?

My ideal client is a small business owner who either a) struggles with technical setup and/or problem solving and doesn't want to waste days or weeks figuring it out or b) doesn't necessarily hate or struggle with tech but prefers a done-for-you service. I have worked with both and am able to adjust to the client's level of knowledge and comfort with tech.

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