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Hi I’m Ksenia, and I'm super passionate about helping you realize your big vision. 

I’ve been a brand + web designer for 12 years, a solopreneur for 6, and a certified life coach for 4. Why does that matter? Because all of those experiences allow me to uniquely help you discover your True Code to bring your vision to life.

I’ve lived the solopreneur struggle. I care about who you are as a person outside your business, and I’m super curious about the hopes, dreams, visions that keep you up at night. I’m really good at what I do (not-so-humble brag) and naturally incorporate empowerment and support into every step, because let’s be real - we all need a cheerleader in our corner.

My VIP Day Services

Design Days

If you have a list of things to tackle but not sure when or how much it will cost, Design Days are a good option! Available in half days (4 hours) and full days (8 hours).

We'll set a todo list for the day and I'll tackle them one by one in the time we have. One day (or half-day) and everything is done - no waiting for openings in my schedule.

Can include:
Print Design - business cards, documents, brochures, flyers
Document Design/Templates - ebook, presentations, pitch decks
Social Media Posts/Templates
Website Edits - editing or adding new content, adding an additional page to your site, adding payment processing or booking integrations to your site
Branding Edits - editing or adding onto your already built brand.

Does not include new brands or full website builds.


Full day


Half day


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

No need to wait for an opening in my schedule. We get everything done in a day (or half-day) and you are ready to go!

What can I do in a day(s)?

Depending on the task and how many you have, we'll tackle them in order of priority.

If we need more time or if you want to book several days in a row to tackle bigger projects like branding and website development, reach out.

How does the process work?

1. Submit an inquiry
2. I'll get back to you in 2-3 biz days.
3. If we are both ready to move forward, we'll deal with all the admin (contract + payment, scheduling).
4. Some prep work depending on your to-do list.
5. Get to work! The day of, we will communicate through Slack and get as much done as possible.
6. Celebrate!

What are my clients saying about me?

"I struggled to put my vision into something tangible. I struggled with advertising my business and didn’t know where to start. Although I have not yet begun announcing it, the branding forced me to think really hard about what I want to offer, how it will tie in together, and gave me a sense of cohesiveness. I feel so much more confident now and feel like I can take the first steps.

Thank you so much for everything! The value is very much worth the investment. The vision Ksenia came up with was far better than I could have imagined. I am beyond grateful I got the opportunity to work with you. I love the results and I am excited to share it with the world." - Zeina

“I wasn't happy with my website. The vision did not come together. The website was not user-friendly, everything loaded slow, and the color palette was randomly picked. I was hoping to see my vision that I had in my head and have a professional website that will educate and help people raise awareness about the importance of Trauma-Informed Personal Training. Ksenia used all my terms and words for the website that made it so much more trauma-informed than I would've hoped for. Ksenia's professionalism is outstanding! She'll make you be part of the process. She'll ask you questions to find the perfect theme for your website. How she finds the color palette for you will blow your mind!!! She explains everything why she does things in a certain way. The VIP day(s) were amazing. You'll feel empowered and absolutely part of the process. I freaking love my website!!!!! Thank you so much for being an amazing listener and professional!" - Gabi V

Who is my ideal client?

Visionary solopreneurs that need help bringing their vision to life

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