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Welcome to Kaleena's Korner! If you've ever felt like you're doing all the things, wearing all the hats, you're in good company! 🤹‍♀️ I've worn many hats, co-managing two small businesses, a non-profit, working full-time, and embracing the chaos of everyday life. But I am here to help with all of that in my VIP Week service in order for you to get further faster.

My VIP Day Services

VIP Express Week

I offer a VIP Express Week (up to 4 days) in 2 categories:

(1) Systems Takeover
-Automation & Workflow
-CRM Setup | Build + Lead Capture Form
-Digital File Organization
-Project Management Tool Setup
-Recruitment Focus
-Systems & Process Audit
-Tech Stack Recommendations

(2) Personal Concierge
-Event Planning | Event Registration
-Email | Calendar Management
-Meeting Scheduler Tool
-Task Management
-Travel Coordination & Itinerary
-Trip Research & Planning


Full day


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Benefit 1: No more long-drawn out timelines.
Benefit 2: Invest in both your business and sanity to free up more of your time to make the impact you want.
Benefit 3: Progress further faster without nearly as much effort on your part...bye bye DIY!

What can I do in a day(s)?

I offer a VIP Express Week (up to 4 days) in 2 categories (you can mix/match):

(1) Automation & Workflow, Digital File Organization, Systems & Process Audit, Recruitment Focus, CRM Setup | Build + Lead Capture Form, Project Management Tool Setup

(2) Personal Concierge i.e. Event Registration SetUp (i.e. Cvent, Eventbrite, etc.), Email Management, Calendar Management, Meeting Scheduler Tool, Travel Coordination & Itinerary, Trip Research & Planning

How does the process work?

Step 1: Book VIP Express Week - Reserve VIP Week, complete brief intake & pay
Step 2: Pre-VIP Onboarding - Obtain critical details & schedule strategy call
Step 3: Strategy Call Day - Discuss priorities for VIP Week & any other FAQ
Step 4: VIP Express Week Begins - Up to 4 days dedicated to your business
Step 5: Post-VIP Support - Make tweaks & messaging support

What are my clients saying about me?

⚡️This professional service helped me in so many ways by giving examples, alternatives, scenarios and kept my mind at ease. I was promised the information within a week and I received it less than a week very thorough and professional it was easy to read and comprehend and visual was a plus colorful and well formatted. I had a vision and it was executed perfectly I couldn't ask for more. Overall, the service was a life saver and took a huge burden off my shoulders. ~ Taiesha Murray

⚡️From this service, I have a new understanding of business management and how to use CRM tools to help my business run more efficiently. It is more organized and in one place which reduces the overwhelm and makes me more efficient with my time! ~ Laurence Annez

⚡️I would absolutely recommend Kaleena's services to a friend. She charged an appropriate amount, was always on time, very clear communicator, pleasant, and over delivers with a smile. I feel great thinking of introducing her to any of my colleagues. ~ Becky S.

Who is my ideal client?

Solopreneurs to the front of the line - because of Team of 1 plus the helping hand when you need it, works too!

Small business owners - who have been shouldering the responsibilities between 2 to 3 people. Been there done that, you’re still going to need help to fill in the gaps.

Fractional C-suite executives - Congratulations! You’ll need help with getting systems and schedule that can handle all that being an executive entails.

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