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I'm the strategic brand boost that's been on your business wish list for far too long.
(let's face it)

Empathy-led copywriting and audience-driven brand messaging are my jam.

Let's turn your brand touchpoints into genuine connections that drive sales, celebrate loyalty and grow your cheer squad. Keen?

My VIP Day Services

Yours for a Day

The customer-led copy solution that delivers strategic copy to please your customers, convert your leads and grow a cheers quad:

👉🏼 Dedicated research, SEO prep and analysis BEFORE our time together

👉🏼 60min strategy call to align our visions

👉🏼 7 hours of strategic, customer-led copywriting

👉🏼 A video walkthrough to unpack the strategies behind the copy

👉🏼 A solid guarantee that the phone is on mute and social media is off limits


Get FREE instant access to The Audience Success Formula (RRP $225 AUD), the proven, step-by-step framework to help female founders like you implement a SMARTER way of marketing within your business.

If you're ready for copy that attracts, delights and retains your dream customers without going near icky, sleazy copy, then the Audience Success Formula is the perfect way to gather your own audience intel before our Yours for a Day session together.

This customer-centric business toolkit gives you all the swipe files, survey templates and resources to let your perfect-fit audience do the copywriting groundwork for you.


Full day


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

After copy to do your product or service justice but...
...don’t know where to start?

Have a BIG vision but...
...need help connecting all the dots?

Ready for an expert to approach your copy strategically... it ACTUALLY converts?

You can keep juggling your copy bits and bobs like hot potatoes...
...or book a ‘Yours for a Day’ session so your copy to-do list is taken care of. Strategically!

What can I do in a day(s)?

☺️ SEO-optimised, customer-led copy for a 3-page website that naturally attracts your dream customers and sends everyone else to the competition

☺️ Connection-building, empathy-driven email copy (4-6 sales, launch, pre-launch or nurture emails) to prime your audience so they're ready to take BIG action

☺️ SEO-optimised, customer-led copy for 5 product descriptions so your offer organically attracts cart-adding attention

☺️ Have something else in mind? Let's chat to see what else is possible in a Yours for a Day session

How does the process work?

👉🏼 SECURE YOUR SPOT: Book a discovery call to kick things off. Once we’ve worked out that we’re a perfect fit and you’ve paid for my brain to be exclusively yours, you can sleep tight knowing that strategic delights are on the horizon

👉🏼 MAP OUT THE DAY: I’ll get you to complete my copywriting brief that hands over your brand goodness so I can sift through it. You use The Audience Success Formula BONUS to gather audience intel. We’ll then enjoy a 60-minute strategy call a few days before THE BIG DAY to map it all out.

👉🏼 IT’S SHOW TIME: It’s THE day! 7 hours of it are utterly yours. Once I’ve got all my ducks in a row I’ll tackle your priority list from top to bottom and work my keyboard *HARD*. We’ll be in touch to firm up things as we go along throughout the day.

👉🏼 EVERYTHING ON A PLATTER: Once that timer hits 7h 00m 00s, it’s time to deliver all the strategic goodness I managed to tick off and any framework for pieces that might not quite make the cut this time around. Rest assured that everything I deliver has my strategic fingerprint on it

What are my clients saying about me?

“The awesome thing about Nadine is that she isn’t just a ‘copywriter’ but a real strategist who helps you to actually implement the copy in a strategic, methodical, and tactical way. Love her work!!!” Tanya Garma, Grow Getters Online Community Co-Founder

“Knowing the copy speaks to my audience gave me the confidence to launch with just that, confidence." Brianna Kiely, Graphic Designer & Founder of Esley Studios

“What stood out to me was the detail and support Nadine provides throughout the process. It made my whole launch experience so much easier." anne Koopmann, Strengths Coach

Who is my ideal client?

Female founders who make a conscious choice to believe in the magical pairing of strategic, customer-led copy.

Smart small business owners who want to replace copy dead ends with a strategic take on copywriting. One that believes in intentional brand touchpoints and empathy-driven copy to nurture genuine connections.

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