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Hi, I am Ana!

I am a business owner, a strategist, a tech-maven, a pianist, a runner, a mother, a GBS survivor, an ADHD and neuro-diversity advocate and have been known to sing as well. I believe every woman should have the opportunity to be ALL of these things, and in today’s world the pressure to “do it all” is causing more and more anxiety and mental health breakdowns. We CAN have it all, but it takes organization, communication, prioritization and thinking outside the box.

I believe success in business boils down to central operations and systems. Focus on the business values and Purpose, creating simple and efficient Processes, streamlining communication with your Peopleand automating the parts that don't need a human's touch for optimal Productivity raises your Profit

ClickUp as a project management tool and Airtable as a data management tool are the most flexible and easy-to-use tools in their field to help you to uplevel your business. I only work with these tools because I've seen the corporate world, I've seen what is available in small business and know that they are the best in class and have the functionality to run everything in business almost automatically.

I can't wait to hear from you and your business struggles and see how I can help calm that chaos and keep it simple.

My VIP Day Services

Information Management in a Day

This is my premier offer, aimed at established business owners with ADHD or just plain overwhelmed with more than one service and a team who may be overworked and need to kick the chaos to the curb.

This VIP Day focuses on getting their business running on the two information management tech systems that in my experience, have been life-changing for many clients, ClickUp and Airtable. Through the phases of analysis, implementation, automation, and action, we not only identify the business areas that will benefit most from systemization, we make it as EASY as possible to use the tools and get $hit done.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

ClickUp and Airtable setup can instantly improve your communication and clarity with your team and clients. You will be able to focus on what matters (sales! product creation!) and step out of micromanaging ALL THE THINGS.

What can I do in a day(s)?

1. Set up your operations base
2. Create templates in ClickUp for your services
3. Set up and embed an executive hub with EVERYTHING your business needs in Airtable
4. Create a database template for your Clients/Leads/Students in Airtable.
5. Create commonly used automations in ClickUp AND Airtable.
6. Provide training for each tool that can be used for current and future team members

How does the process work?

1. You apply to my VIP day
2. If accepted, we have a chat to determine if we are a good fit
3. We agree and you pay the invoice after which we schedule our VIP day
4. Once the VIP day is scheduled, you will be sent a questionnaire detailing out all the pieces of your business that you would like to be implemented into ClickUp
5. On the day of, we will spend 90 minutes going over the questionnaire, clearing up any questions, and outlining any last details that need to be completed for us to complete the implementation.
6. We will establish communication through slack, which you will get updates through the rest of the day about what has been done and how it's going.
7. The next morning we will meet for "coffee" (virtually of course) and we will give you a walkthrough of the entire setup and introduce you to the training.
8. After that you will have 30 days of Slack support (questions answered or videos created) to make sure that everything is working as expected.

What are my clients saying about me?

" Ana is very knowledgeable. She brought what I really needed to the table which is I needed to know how people think about these kinds of projects across the industry...If you are needing this implementation, you can sit here for six months and try to get it all up and going. Or you can hire Ana and get it all set up and going in a day." - Jeremy Ginsberg (NoticeUMarketing)

"Working with Ana was like having another team member. It was a phenomenal partnership." - Kathryn Esquer Teletherapist

Who is my ideal client?

I prefer to work with female neurodiverse business owners, as one myself I feel a kinship with them and everything they are juggling in the world, not just their business. I firmly believe that creating this structure for them will help them be able to concentrate on the things that their brain naturally gravitates to and that is their superpower and gift to the world. If you have a mission for your business and stand by your values as well as see every human as valuable and unique, I want to have a chat.

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