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Hello there! I'm Eleanor, a California native living the dream in Europe. I’ve got over 25 years experience designing websites for major global brands like Vodafone, T-Online, BMW and Bosch.

My deep experience allows me to rapidly understand, interpret and execute exactly what you need, really really fast.

I escaped corporate life in 2010 to start my own online business. My work has been recognized by Goop, Martha Stewart, The New York Times and Pottery Barn Kids.

My VIP Day Services

Launch In A Day

My signature offer. A 4-page starter Squarespace website and mini brand with a guided pre-work process. Perfect for business owners without a website or an outdated one that feels embarrassing.

If you’re ready to feel excited about your business again, feel thrilled about your new website and watch leads and bookings roll in, I would love to help you take your first step.


Full day

Squarespace SOS Day

It all looked so easy. Just pick a template, add your text and images and in a few hours you'll have a website just as gorgeous as the ones on the Squarespace 'select template' page.

Have you started DIYing your Squarespace website only to find it's a much bigger deal than you thought?

Maybe your like some of my best clients who dropped these comments into my consult booking form:

"I've attempted to do it myself in Squarespace, but I have to admit that I am simply not qualified. I believe there are two ways moving forward: Either, I ask an expert to do it all or I ask an expert to teach me."

"I tried setting up my own website but struggled with the design aspect and saw I was going to use too much time preparing the site."

"I thought about building my site by myself. Then I thought about the time it would take to figure out how to do this, and realized that it would be very likely that I end up with a result that is not really nice. I came to the conclusion that I would rather spend money than time, with the big, big plus that the result would then look professional."

I can't build you a whole website with this kind of VIP day, but I can do a LOT. I can do something in 20 minutes that will take you a week.

Full Day = 6 hours. Half day = 3.

Please note I only offer this service for sites that are already on 7.1


Full day


Half day


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Pride, legitimacy and confidence.

Face the world with a website that you’re proud of and truly represents you and your brand.

A professional website and starter brand without a project that drags on forever.

A beautiful, inspiring, perfect-for-you starter website *and* visual brand with the least amount of effort and time possible.

What can I do in a day(s)?

Starter brand and 4 page Squarespace website.

How does the process work?

🚀 #1 Find out if we're a fit: Book a discovery call so we can have a chat to discuss what you need and find out if your project is a fit for my Launch In A Day service.

🚀 #2 Prework: After booking you’ll have at least 10 days to articulate your brand, write your website text, create a mood board. You’ll be lead through the process step-by-step with helpful intake forms and resources I’ve designed to take make it easy.

🚀 #3 Kick-off call: A few days before our launch session we’ll have an hour long call to go through all of your pre-work. We’ll make sure you have all your ducks in a row and answer any questions to make sure we can hit the ground running on your launch day.

🚀 #4 Launch Day: On the morning of our day together, I’ll ping you with your first item to review in a WhatsApp chat (or similar) and we’re off to the races. We will be on that ALL day knocking each to-do item off our plate to get your site live!

What are my clients saying about me?

“It’s an absolute delight to visit the site, and proudly direct existing and potential clients to it. We now have a place that feels like home. We got just what we needed when we needed it. We will return to you, Eleanor, without a doubt. And with joy. The service was exceptional. ”

“I'm sitting here this lovely evening and I gotta say, I LOVE what you've done with the entire site. It's easy to navigate for visitors and myself. Seriously, I want to start a business again only so we can have another LIAD.”

“Without your eye for design, your attention to details, your patience and your organizational skills, this process wouldn’t have been as smooth as it was. What an experience!! Loved it.”

🥳 🥳🥳 “PERFECT!”
“Got the logo and the branding. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I just love it!!!”

“I think this is the best experience I've ever had!”

“I will be sending more clients to you!”

Who is my ideal client?

👉 Starting or established businesses that need a website quickly
👉 Someone ready to lean back and let an expert take over
👉 Someone who appreciates modern, clean design
👉 Someone who likes working fast
👉 Conscientious types that do their homework and show up on time
👉 Quick decision makers
👉 Non-perfectionists because you'll love the 'get it done now' nature and efficiency of this process

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