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Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm a Certified Dubsado Specialist! I'm also a perfectionist and I strive for excellence...if there's a better, faster, more efficient way to do something, I wanna know how and I love sharing that kind of knowledge and empowerment with my clients, too!

My VIP Day Services

Strategy VIP Day

During a Strategy VIP Day, you and I will partner together to strategize and turn your "brain spaghetti" of workflow ideas into a structured, foundational roadmap that includes the details for your entire client journey—from the initial inquiry all the way through to the final testimonial and beyond.


Full day

Specialist For A Day

With the Specialist For A Day option, you are getting the 1:1 attention of a Certified Dubsado Specialist and expert Workflow Strategist to help you accomplish any number of things within your account in a short period of time (1 day). This option is perfect for turning your Dubsado "to do" list into an "is done" list including workflow updates, account cleanup, branded forms, and more!


Full day


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

👍 Skip to the front of the line. No need to wait months to get on my calendar!⁠
👍 Get your project DONE in 1 day!⁠
👍 Get to play a part in the evolution of your workflows and watch them come to life, magically before your eyes!⁠

What can I do in a day(s)?

👩‍💻 Audit your existing setup (including workflows!) and help you optimize your account for maximum efficiency⁠

👩‍💻 Help you upgrade your Dubsado form designs using CSS coding to add advanced functionality like conditional logic⁠

👩‍💻 Create new or update existing Dubsado forms to match your website branding with custom colors, fonts, and images⁠

👩‍💻 Take your manual workflows to the next level by adding in automated actions that you can still control and personalize⁠

👩‍💻 Knock out your punchlist of outstanding updates you've been dying to implement but just never have the time to do⁠

How does the process work?

1. The first step to working together is to apply for a Free Assessment so we can chat about your specific needs and determine which VIP Day is the best fit for achieving your goals

2. Once we've determined the right VIP Day for you and you're officially booked, I'll send you some "homework" as Pre-Work that will help us both prepare for our big day together

3. On your VIP Day my full focus and attention will be 100% laser set on you and your project—no emails, no distractions, just rapid-fire RESULTS!

What are my clients saying about me?

"SO great to work with Sarah! In fact, we have 2 businesses and just as she wrapped up our VIP day, we booked her for the second business. Pretty much BEGGING to get on her schedule again asap! She will literally take your Dubsado and put in on steroids!"

Who is my ideal client?

- You know exactly what you want, even if you don't 100% know how to get there

- You’re ready and able to invest in partnering with an expert to help you accomplish your goals

- You're ready and able to work together in a fast-paced, collaborative environment

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