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How does vip days Work?

We all love the idea of working less and making more — especially while using a platform that markets your exceptional talents for you. 

The advantage of offering VIP Days isn't exactly a secret, but for those just catching on to the concept, it can seem confusing and even a bit too good to be true.

Well, we're here to tell you that your work-life can be too good. It can be amazing, actually! With VIP Days, your business' ROI will MULTIPLY... all while working on your own terms!

To paint a better picture for you, we'll break down what VIP Days looks like as a business model, as well as the four fantastic ways you can focus your time in one single VIP Day.

Strike a Pose! Becoming a vip days member was built by VIP service providers and influencers with the vision to provide a platform and community for those already winning at their niche!

As online business owners ourselves, we know how hard it can be to attract your dream clients. The ones who fit your niche AND are ready, willing, and oh-so able to pay for the amazing service and special sauce YOU provide.

As a member of the vip days community, you'll be able to collaborate and attract ideal clients who are more than happy to pay you at a higher price for an entire day of your niche skills and expertise. In a nutshell, our platform is a centralized place where you and your fellow VIP dayers can meet, hang out, and GROW together.

Here's how it works!

  1. Become a VIP Days provider by joining our platform.
  2. Create a profile that showcases your brand, expertise, and exclusive VIP Day offers.
  3. Sit back and relax — we'll advertise your business for you!
  4. Your ideal VIP clients will reach out and book a VIP Day with you.
  5. If your client needs more hands on deck, recommend your favorite VIPs using our "Friends" feature to become a Connector Extraordinaire!
  6. On or before the morning of your VIP Day, prepare and brainstorm your VIP intensive before meeting with your client.
  7. Start your VIP Day with your client and outline a flawless plan of action for specific goals of the day.
  8. Do what you do best and deliver amazing service and outstanding customer experience! When the day is over, your job is done.

That's right! No longer do you have to market to clients who can't afford you. Gone are the days of being buried under an avalanche of scope creep. VIP Days offers a new era of efficiency and prosperity with an amazing and talented community to back you up!

4 Ways You Can Focus Time in a VIP Day

The thought of getting one (or more) projects done in a day may sound pretty intense, but it's totally doable when you can plan and structure your VIP Day for success.

Like everything with being a VIP Days provider, you are in control. Consider the framework in which you'd like to work. Would you rather spend a full day working with your client? Or would half days be better? What kind of application process works best for you?

Here are four great ways you can focus your time on a VIP Day:

  • Brainstorm: Take this time to research your client and their brand to find any info that will be useful for your oncoming project. Start brainstorming ideas on how you can ensure they meet their business goals.
  • Strategize: Schedule a strategy call with your client to share your ideas, collaborate, and come to a decision on a set of deliverables for your VIP Day. You can do this on or before the day of your VIP intensive — it's up to you!
  • Plan: Once you have a clear vision and strategy in mind, plan a seamless to-do list for your VIP day around a workable schedule that sets you up for success.
  • Delivery: On your VIP day, follow your plan as closely as possible and give each task your undivided attention. Remember to give yourself a lunch break! At the end of your VIP day, your client will (no doubt) praise you for your outstanding work, and viola — your project is complete!

With VIP Days, Your Lifestyle Takes Center Stage

When it comes down to it, becoming a VIP Days provider isn't complicated, it's actually quite simple! Plus the vip days platform thrives off giving insanely talented entrepreneurs like YOU their own, beautifully designed landing pages to showcase their business and attract premium clients that VALUE your expertise.

We believe in the VIP Days business model as…

  • Your stand-alone approach to working with clients.
  • One of your niche service options.
  • An introductory offer to a retainer client.
  • Any part of your client's journey.

However you structure your VIP days, we are here to help your business succeed and your lifestyle takes center stage!

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