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I am a Business Experience Designer & Certified Hypnotherapist helping Solopreneurs + Creative Entrepreneurs find more authentic freedom in their businesses. Together we co-create and design the ways you structure your work and systems, how you can embrace your superpowers and genius zone, how you can simplify your services or pivot into a new service offering, all to create more freedom of time, money, and energy.

My VIP Day Services

Simplify Your Flow

In an intensive experience we will dive in and look at new possibilities within a focus area in your business that will naturally bring more flow and ease, in a way that feels really good to you and is aligned to your idea of success. And of course, we will work together to uplevel your mindset to match your desires and aligned action plan through hypnosis (you’re going to love it).

*Together, we will move through the noise of what is holding you back from having a business that feels easy, and gain the momentum you need to build an energetically sustainable business that feels like you!*

*This Intensive Experience is great if you are ready to take leaps into making moves more quickly than in a 3-month collaborative coaching container.*


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Half day


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

The fun thing about this intensive experience is that it merges strategy with creativity, organisation with getting messy, visualization with intuition, and time saving action with honouring your energy, all while looking at the bigger picture of showing up authentically and ease-fully in your work. Basically, we pinpoint what is actually going to help you experience momentum, confidence, and most of all, simple flow, in ways that may not have felt possible at the start, because my main focus is to guide you to the answers that actually feel good to you. Instead of taking multiple months to explore these new possibilities, you will experience a jump start during the intensive session, with extra goodies that will naturally keep you on track for the next 30-days and beyond!

What can I do in a day(s)?

- Discover new possibilities to grow & scale your current business
- Experiment with new ideas that empower you to work less & make more money
- Design how you can deliver an authentic service experience with ease
- Set up sustainable & simple business operations, systems, tools, resources
- Upgrade your mindset to support you to take aligned action towards your version of success
- Design a custom Notion Workspace including custom templates and tools to support your business operations

How does the process work?

To pinpoint where your business could use the most support during your intensive session, we will discuss your current challenges and where it is you want to go next in your business.

We will look at the different parts of your business where there are opportunities to bring more flow to the way you show up.

Or if you have a special project that you need help simplifying and driving forward, we can determine how you can design it in a way that feels easy.

Before your intensive day you will complete a strengths assessment and a questionnaire to build a better understanding of what you’re bringing with you into the session.

You will also be provided with various guided visualization and reflection exercises to begin expanding and upgrading your mindset to match your desires.

*This foundational pre-work must be complete prior to your intensive so that we can spend our time together diving into your area of focus.

During our private online half-day session we will deep dive into your area of focus by exploring the different possibilities for simplifying, creating more ease, and coming up with sustainable ways of working that feel most natural and exciting to you and aligns with your values, goals, and version of success.

For folks who are wanting a mindset upgrade, we will end the experience with a mindset reset hypnosis session that will support you to let go of blocks that have been holding you back, activate new beliefs that will allow you to execute your direction with ease and flow, and instill the confidence you want to feel in order to step into your business in a way that feels good.

You will walk away with a personal Notion dashboard that includes all of the strategy, goals, and aligned action plan, designed to make implementation easy and fun!

In addition, you will find some bonus templates and exercises provided to help you streamline the way you work.

For 30-days after your intensive you will access to my support via your client portal and the Voxer voice messaging app.

And at the end of the 30-days we will meet for a 45-minute check-in call to realign with your intentions, discuss your progress, and identify your next steps.

What are my clients saying about me?

"After the intensive session I felt proud of myself for taking small but effective steps towards my goal and I also felt much lighter, more confident and less overwhelmed by my 'big' goal because it felt so much more achievable by breaking it down. I regained confidence and belief in myself that I was worthy of my goals and that I could achieve them in a way that honoured my energy and natural rhythms by taking tiny actions and not thinking too far ahead. My goal of moving forward with my podcast offers felt overwhelming and out of reach initially, but having a simple plan and putting due dates on my mini-goals really helped me to feel like I am progressing - slowly but surely!"

- Melissa, MKS Virtual

Who is my ideal client?

Solopreneurs and Creative Entrepreneurs who are ready to scale up their service-based businesses with more ease and flow. This might mean designing the ways they structure their work and systems, how they embrace their superpowers within the ways they work and their offers, their pivot into a new service offering, and the foundations they can create to prioritize the ways in which they want to spend their time and energy.

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