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Hey! I'm a world-traveling, piano-playing, beyond-blessed mom, wife, and Green Bay Packer fan. I'm happiest sitting around the table playing games with my family, and if pizza is involved, so much the better! My background as a health information manager provided me with years of experience in working with tech and setting up efficient systems. I'm excited to be able to bring that experience to non-tech-inclined coaches and solopreneurs who want to focus on their passion rather than setting up systems.

My VIP Day Services

A-Z Onboarding Systems VIP Day

Although everyone probably knows they need systems, they may not have the time, talent, or inclination to get them set up. As a coach or entrepreneur, you just want to serve your clients. I want to give you the freedom to do that. I'll ensure you can provide a great onboarding experience. You'll come away from the day with these tools/systems:
Application/qualifying questions

Email sequence (and automation)

Pre-work questions/pre-session questions

Contract/ e-signing process


Post-session survey/request for testimonial

Client spreadsheet/database

Welcome packet/onboarding info document


Set up CRM if needed/desired

Create worksheets/additional client forms

Additional integrations between systems


Full day

Back-Office Simple Systems VIP Day

Is this you?
- Losing money because you don’t have a system for tracking payments
- Missing out on important dates because you don’t have a way to track them
- Feeling like you don’t know your business numbers the way you should
- Scrolling through rows and rows in a spreadsheet to find the data you need
- Writing client info on sticky notes and then not being able to find it

Ditch the worry about spending money and brainpower on complicated software - set up simple systems with the tools you already use.

This day is for you if you don't want to research/purchase/learn a new system but just want to be more efficient with the tools you already have access to (think Google Suite or Microsoft Office).

The half-day price includes one custom spreadsheet and one custom data capture or intake. Full day includes up to three spreadsheets and two custom data capture or intake forms.

Reporting functionality can be added for an extra cost.


Full day


Half day

HoneyBook CRM Setup VIP Day

Looking for an easy to use CRM that offers automation, email templates, proposal/contract/invoice and payment received options? HoneyBook's got you covered.

I assume you're here because you don't want to be the one to set it up!

We’ll start with an information gathering questionnaire, and then a strategy call.

The day of, we’ll set up the framework for your CRM. Then, based on our strategy call, I’ll build:

Up to ten email templates
One contact form
Two brochures/service guides
Two questionnaires
One contract (using your template)
Two invoices
Up to three automations
Scheduler setup

Later in the day, we’ll reconnect to do a walk through of the new tools. You’ll receive video tutorials and a follow-up session to make sure everything is working the way we planned.


Full day


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Whether you're tech-challenged, time-challenged, or just want to focus your time and energy on your area of passion, get your client onboarding system built out for you in just one day!

What can I do in a day(s)?

You'll come away at the end of the day with:

Application/qualifying questions

Email sequence (and automation)

Pre-work questions/pre-session questions

Contract/ e-signing process


Post-session survey/request for testimonial

Client spreadsheet/database

Welcome packet/onboarding info document

How does the process work?

With our unique framework, we'll Collaborate, Create & Correct, Confirm, and Consolidate your deliverables in a day dedicated to your project. We'll meet up at the beginning of the day to collaborate. I'll create and correct for the bulk of the day (you only need to be available for questions/clarification. We'll connect up again to confirm the tools meet your needs, and then I'll consolidate the tools and support materials.

What are my clients saying about me?

"Thank you, Kim, for the support you’ve provided my business to ensure every part of my clients’ experience is as high quality as is their coaching journey with me. With the system you put in place, I can keep my full focus on their growth and development goals. Their success is my success and my success is your success. I so appreciate you!" MaryAnn

“A TRUE Systems Superhero. Kim was an absolute delight to work with from initial inquiry to product delivery. Her passion for the work was evident and the knowledge was all there. Her attention to detail was so keen that she even integrated into the systems some work for my Chief Barketing Officer, that she only saw 1 time that he popped in on our zoom call. My project was definitely a doozy in my eyes - but Kim used her Systems Superpower and definitely made it look easy... And also leveled-up my business systems." Jason

Who is my ideal client?

Coaches and solopreneurs who want to focus on sharing their passion with others and just don't want to spend the time on building out the onboarding systems required for a smooth client experience.

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