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Hey👋I'm Jessica. Born in the USA and now living in France, I began providing editorial services in 2020. What began as a humble proofreading business quickly evolved into a full suite of editing services and 1:1 mentoring.

Now I work with established and aspiring authors to bring their brand books to life through heart-centered manuscript editing. From developing your outline to refining each word and everything in between, I am here to transform your manuscript into a book you’ll be proud to publish.

My VIP Day Services

Macro Editorial VIP Day

Lay the foundations for a magnetic brand book...

The Macro Editorial VIP Day is designed to put you on the path to writing a quality brand book that positions you as a thought leader in your field by:

Developing the concept for your unique brand book (it’s as easy as repurposing your content!)
Setting the goal of the book (so your readers will take the action you prescribe)
Organizing your ideas into an outline (so your book will write itself!)
Brainstorming lead generation ideas to incorporate throughout the text (so your book converts readers to subscribers)
Packaging your readers’ transformational journey into key takeaways (so your writing makes an impact)
Conducting a current market analysis (to determine alignment with trends, commercial viability, and market appeal)
Assessing big-picture manuscript issues (so you can get your writing in shape for the next editing stage)
Giving chapter-by-chapter feedback with inline comments (it’s like having me read over your shoulder!)
Getting recommendations and next steps (so you stay on track after our VIP day, and you’re never left wondering how to finish your book)

What's included:
-Kick-off call
-A full day (7-8 hours) of implementation
-Wrap-up call
-30 days of post-implementation messenger support


Full day


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

The editors you’ve hired before worked like this: You handed off your “book baby” to a total stranger, and you had to wait months to get it back from an editor who was juggling several projects at once. You felt more and more frustrated and impatient as you sat there wondering what the editor was going to say about your writing once they finally got back to you.

It took too long and didn’t feel like a true partnership, right?

Here’s what it’s like to work with me as your editor: You know I take on only one project at a time and can devote all my attention to YOUR writing style with YOUR unique voice and YOUR original ideas. You feel confident, in control, and excited about the potential I’m bringing out in your brand book—in as little as a day!

The new way of editing is now possible for us. It’s time for EFFICIENCY and DEVOTION. I want to feel a deeper CONNECTION to my clients and their hard work.

So I created the Macro Editorial VIP Day to serve you in the best way I know how: quality results with the shortest turnaround.

What can I do in a day(s)?

-If you haven’t started writing, we’ll take stock of your ideas, come up with important elements, and organize it all into an outline so you can hit the ground running with a solid plan.
-If you have a partial manuscript, I’ll audit the overall structure and flow, course correct where needed, and provide direction moving forward so you can rid yourself of writer’s block and avoid big-picture issues in what’s left to be written.*
-If you have a complete first draft, we’ll make sure your ideas are well organized on a macro level: part by part, chapter by chapter, and even paragraph by paragraph.*

*The VIP day works best for up to 10,000 words. If your manuscript (partial or complete) is longer, we can look at adding a half or full day.

We can maximize our time on the VIP day when you provide me with the requested materials beforehand and are available via messaging on the day of implementation.

Please bear in mind that you are booking me for a day, not a set of deliverables. Due to the unique needs of each project, I cannot guarantee what we can get done—but I can promise that we will make real, impactful progress on your writing.

How does the process work?

Booking your Macro Editorial VIP Day is easy:

1. Schedule a free discovery call to go over your brand book needs.
2. Send a 50% deposit and book the dates of your kick-off call and your VIP day.
3. Then I will send you your next steps: what materials you need to provide me and when. Your remaining balance will be due on the day of implementation.

What are my clients saying about me?

"I love the feedback. I worry sometimes about writing because I don't really know what I am doing, like I am treading water. I have never taken a writing class or been coached in it. But your assessment gives me actual direction on how to write and how to pull things together. You make me think that I can write this book. I didn't know this type of coaching was out there. This is awesome!" -Jim Sweet

"It has been a joy to work with Jessica, who takes such care addressing the needs and wants of her clients—she went way above and beyond for my book! My book needed a ton of work, and she put in the care it needed. She crafted it into something beyond presentable. She made it into something special. Thank you so much!" - Darma Diamond

Who is my ideal client?

Personal brands, coaches, CEOs, and consultants who are writing their first (or fifteenth!) book. You want to write a thought leadership book so your mission-driven brand or business can have more social impact.

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