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Since I could hold a big, chunky crayon I’ve been using visuals and words to tell a story. I now harness that passion to offer full branding, website and funnel services. I love working with creative entrepreneurs with digital and brick-and-mortar businesses.

I specialize in building websites in WordPress and Shopify.

My VIP Day Services

Un-Blahed Branding VIP Week

The defined voice and visuals you need to shop out content without the headache of constant rewrites and revisions.

- 1-hour strategy call
- Brand voice measurement and articulation
- Solidified mission & vision statements
- Brand fonts and color palettes
- Primary, secondary, and submark logos
- Comprehensive brand voice & visual guide


Full day

Whizbang Website VIP Week

Let’s create your customer-focused home on the internet more than just a pretty space!

- 1-hour creative kickoff call
- Mapping and writing conversion copy for 3-5 website pages
- Design of a 3-5 page website
- Connection of email marketing system and sign-up forms
- Access to basic maintenance tutorial vault
*Additional days can be added for extra page needs


Full day

Amplified Funnels VIP Week

Bringing the strategic vision to life with sparkling creative and tech know-how!

- 1-hour creative kickoff call
- Define marketing argument and write conversion-focused sales page copy
- Write up to 7 marketing or purchase follow up emails
- Design sales page and up to 3 secondary funnel pages
- Tech integrations and testing


Full day


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Don't stress about assembling your own version of marketing avengers! You can get polished, professional branding, website, or funnel results working 1:1 with a multifaceted marketing professional. Using the VIP Week structure, we will focus our attention on efficiently completing your project in a week. Branding, website, and funnel projects often take 8-12 weeks of your time and attention, hours of back and forth, and tons of meetings with multiple freelancers and consultants.

What can I do in a day(s)?

I offer comprehensive VIP Week packages that should address thorough Brand Voice & Visual Identity, a 3-5 page website, solid marketing funnel strategy, or a complete marketing funnel creative build.

How does the process work?

It all starts with an Aura Activation Intensive. This paid strategy session allows me to meet your business right where you are. Once completed, I recommend the VIP Week project I think will suit your needs best. We select dates, and you pay a project deposit. From there, I will send you a questionnaire to gather all the details for your project week. The project week constitutes 30 working hours dedicated solely to your business and your branding, website, or funnel project.

What are my clients saying about me?

"Heather worked so incredibly during our 3-day intensive! She handled copy and design for my sales funnels and her work was spot on. She was able to capture my brand personality in her writing – which was a huge improvement over what I had tried doing on my own. And she really considered the customer’s journey with her design. She also handled all the tech integrations between the funnel software, ESP, deadline funnel, etc. And she’s so fun and easy to get along with!" - Jessica Berk, Owner, Awesome Little Sleepers

"I was on the path of procrastination with my funnel and copywriting until I found Heather! She was a lifesaver! She helped me create my funnel, copywrite my emails, connect my 'zaps' and everything in between! Our three-day intensive was amazing and well worth the time and money invested! Funnels are up and sales are coming in. I was so pleased with Heather’s work that I’ve already referred her to business associates and have hired her for another project. Best investment ever!" - Amy Marella, CEO & Owner, Hidden Garden Flowers

Who is my ideal client?

I love working with creative entrepreneurs with digital and brick-and-mortar businesses. I often help small shop owners with the creation of their online store. My ideal client has potentially bootstrapped their existing business materials to this point, but their business has grown and they're ready to level-up their digital identity and coming to the table confident in decisive decision making.

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