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Colie James is the host of the Business-First Creatives podcast and a Disney-loving family photographer + filmmaker turned Workflow & Automations Guru. She loves helping photographers & creative service providers automate their backend, reclaim their time and get back to living! The truth—automated systems can save us all from being overworked and overwhelmed.

My VIP Day Services

Dubsado VIP Experience

This VIP Experience includes 2 VIP days (strategy & implementation) to elevate each stage of your client experience will get audited and automated to create an amazing and consistent experience for both you and your clients. My 5C framework (Collect - Clarify - Create - Connect - Clone) will include a complete review of your current strategies so we can customize your setup to your business.


Full day

Dubsado Strategy VIP Day

This VIP Day includes a full audit of your business to create strategy for your systems. At the end of this day, I will deliver a complete content directory listing every email and form you need to create as well as a workflow mapping document walking you through the step-by-step process of connecting your workflows. This is best for clients who have the time to implement the systems and want an expert to create the map.


Full day

Dubsado Implementation Day

This VIP Day includes creating your workflows from the assets you already have in your business. This is best for clients who have been using Dubsado and have their assets created, but need an expert to connect the dots within workflows.


Full day


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Completely customized systems for your business to allow you to reclaim time to scale your business or finally take that vacation you have been kicking down the road. I know automations can be a bit scary, so let a professional take care of them so they work as intended.

What can I do in a day(s)?

I can create customized assets (email templates, proposal forms, questionnaires, and workflows) for you main offer plus additional two in the duplication phase. Your client experience will be amazing from inquiry to delivery packed with personality and a high-touch feel.

How does the process work?

Book Your Day
Snag a spot on my calendar and finally get Dubsado checked off your list!

Complete Your Pre-Setup Homework
After you book, you will receive a client portal with your pre-setup homework. Tell me everything! The more details you provide concerning your current systems, the more we can accomplish during your setup day to create a systems that streamline your business.

Day One - Strategy + Audit
We will take a deep dive together into your current assets and tech stack, before planning out your new systems for Dubsado. This is where the automation and streamlining magic happens. Content Directory + Implementation plan will be delivered within 24 hours unless you have booked an Implementation Day.

Day Two - Enjoy Your Implementation Day
If you opted for an Implementation Day, I take care of all of the creation of your assets inside Dubsado before mapping out your workflows. I recommend you relax and perhaps have a spa day. At the end of the day I will send you a video walkthrough of your new systems so you can see in it action!

Duplication Week
If you have additional offers with similar customer journeys, your main offer will be duplicated and customized for up to two additional offers within the next 7 business days.

Use Your 30-Days of Support
Once we wrap up your main offer with a setup with an off-boarding call, and your secondary offers are complete, you will still enjoy 30 days of email + Loom support for your account. If you have any questions, I encourage you to ask.

What are my clients saying about me?

"She quickly identified places where we were spending too much manual time and she made it easy for us to see places where we could elevate the experience even more so with automations that had a personalized aspect to them." KRISTYN MILLER, PHOTOGRAPHER + EDUCATOR

"Not only did you help move along a project I've been kicking down the road for the last three years but working with you ensured that I did my part of the process in a timely fashion. Colie, you are an absolute pleasure to work with. Hiring you was one of THE best decisions I made. Having you to answer questions or help my brain reorient to a new way of doing things was invaluable. It can be hard to re-train the brain on a new system. With your help, I was able to get over some barriers quicker than if I had done this on my own." LARA AGNEW, PHOTOGRAPHER

""What you offer is more that just Dubsado setup. It's like a business workflow refresh in general.

With your attention to detail, thoughtful solutions to problems, and deep-dive approach, you thought of things I didn't know I needed. Colie, you're the best!" KENDRA GREENBERG, PHOTOGRAPHER

Who is my ideal client?

I work with photographers + creative service providers who are ready to automate the backend of their business and reclaim their time using Dubsado.

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