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I am a Word Herding Sentence Wrangler who loves stories. I love working with clients in intimate 1:1 sessions because I get to gather my clients' words into the stories that highlight their incredible life experiences so they can share who they truly are and turn email plus social connections with their people into relationships that convert.

My VIP Day Services

1 Day | Your Emails


Your Connect | Converse | Convert VIP Experience... GETS YOU WHAT YOUR REALLY WANT... All YOUR EMAILS ASAP

Typically, I can write about 26-32 emails that captures you, your stories, in your voice to help you keep your list warm and ready to act when you want them to and when you're ready to launch and welcome them into your world, I'm there for you, too.

Why settle for Know-Like-Trust when you and your people can deepen your relationships to mutually respected, admired, and cherished.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Every new client asks me, "Do You Write All The Copy Or Do I Need To Provide Copy?"

I write everything. To do that, we have a 90-minute Agenda and pre-work call.
If there are more questions/feedback needed, we'll handle that in the first and last 30-minutes of your Day.

What can I do in a day(s)?

I can typically write 26-32 emails, in one day, but for the highest quality deliverables - aside from those reviewed during the intensive - the remaining emails will be provided to the client within two (2) business days after the VIP Day and upon payment completion .

How does the process work?

1. Book Your Experience
Pick an available VIP Day that fits your schedule and where you can commit to being accessible. After booking your VIP experience with either a 50% nonrefundable deposit or in full, you'll get the link to book your 90-minute Agenda & Pre-work Call.

2. Agenda & Pre-work
In this 90-minute session, we'll create and finalize our VIP Experience Agenda
From there, we'll strategize your CTAs & results using my EAT Framework, then dive deep into the why and values in your experiences and we're done.

3. Your VIP Experience
We'll start with a short zoom to cover any open items or questions. You'll be available on your chosen communication app for questions and feedback and finally, we'll wrap-up according to our Agenda.

4. After The Experience
No VIPers left behind! You'll get a link to Book your Social Strategy Call ASAP. In that 90-minute call, we'll go over repurposing your stories for Social and more. With your bonus resources, you can share your experiences anywhere.

What are my clients saying about me?

"As Law Roach says on "Legendary", You did what needed to be done. This is 🔥🔥🔥!" ~ Penelope C. wanted emails for her workshop, but in a twist of fate, she repurposed her emails and won her dream job... with the freedom to continue her own small business.

“My own mother thought I'd written every email.” Angela captured my voice so well, my own mother thought I'd written every email. Even I had a moment when I read one email "from me" so I called and asked her if I'd written the emails. My customers love getting the emails and I love how easy it all was. ~ODDETTE, MISS ODDETTE'S CREOLE COOKING ACADEMY.

Who is my ideal client?

A business owner who wants deep connections and conversations with their people so conversions are just you helping them achieve their dream.

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