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I am Anca Gooje, an e-commerce web developer working with established merchants, authors and coaches to help them scale their business by creating effective e-commerce websites that look and work great.

My signature process combines front end web development skills, digital marketing and soft skills that allow me to capture the essence of your brand and transform it into a delightful user experience. I have helped many established merchants to scale their online sales while saving time spent on admin & website tasks.
I am excited to learn about your brand & help you stand out even more in the online space.

My VIP Day Services

E-commerce VIP DAY

Have you neglected your website for years?
Are your clients complaining about how hard it is to use your online store?
How many sales are you losing due to your outdated website?
I will help you get your e-commerce website redesigned or optimized faster than you thought possible. On your VIP DAY, you are available for feedback or to answer any question. You then go back to your work, knowing that you have my full undivided attention. While you take care of business, your website is getting a much needed refresh. At the end of the day, you can see the results live on your website!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

My e-commerce web design is streamlined to get your website designed & developed, launched and tested in days rather than months.
I explain my process and provide tutorials on using the features of your website using a non-technical language so that you are comfortable fulfilling orders, adding more products or making minor edits to your website after our project is complete.

What can I do in a day(s)?

Here are some examples of things than can be done in a day. Other tasks may take longer, for example developing a complete e-commerce website takes 2-3 days depending on the specifications of your project.
Create a simple 1-2 page website.
Refresh and update your existing e-commerce website (Shopify or WordPress). Options include: Change theme, rebuild the homepage, add collections, restructure sections OR organize content.
Create a sales funnel for your new program.
Create and design additional website pages for new offers or programs.
Optimize website for better functionality- this is great for outdated websites that need a technical overhaul and content organization. Third parties software or plugins may be needed, this will be discussed in the strategy call.
Marketing Strategy + 1 Month Content plan + Content created as example that can be used for the first month. This is for you if you plan to post content to your social media yourself and need a clear plan with detailed examples of what to post. This includes a 1 hour Marketing Strategy Session at the beginning of the Day.

How does the process work?

A full day consisting of 6 hours of work of focused, uninterrupted work
You benefit from my experience and growth strategy
You can book your VIP DAY in advance, and take the time needed to prepare your content.
Bonus 1: 45 minutes strategy consultation to clarify the project details to work on.
Bonus 2: 30 day email support after the VIP Day is complete. ( This does not include doing additional work, but offers support related to the work already completed.)
You have to fill any forms sent to you in advance for collecting content or other information related to the project at least 3 days before the VIP DAY.
Payment has to be completed before the the VIP DAY.
There will be a short meeting in the middle of the VIP DAY to get feedback.
You have to be available for the entire VIP DAY for any quick questions by email or Facebook messenger.
At the end of the day, I will send you an email with a report on all that was completed during the VIP DAY .
In case more time is required to complete additional phases of your project, I will provide an estimate of how much additional time would be required.

What are my clients saying about me?

Having two sides of my business, I felt overwhelmed at the thought of combining my two sites into one. Not only did Anca take away that overwhelm, she did so with incredible marketing smarts that help my customer's experience online and help drive them towards booking a consultation with me. She gave me an incredible walk-through of my site after the site was finalized to make sure I could keep content fresh and current. Not only that, she has created a marketing strategy that is helping to shape my business. Working with Anca has turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made as a small business owner. Alice, Terraform Entertainment

Working with Anca made the overwhelming and stressful process of building and launching a website seamless. She took the time to truly understand my brand, my vision, and the ecommerce experience I wanted to provide to my customers. She helped me take my mess of ideas and turn them into an exquisite website that I am truly proud of! Kathleen, James Point Stationery

Anca was incredibly helpful through-out the process of creating our website for Theatre of Eternal Values, and also provided expert advice on our marketing strategy. She was professional, responsive, and was able to tailor her advice to our specific business model and needs. Would work with her again and again!
Katherine, Theatre of Eternal Values

I am so pleased to have found Anca Gooje Web Development. After struggling along  for several years with a less than adequate do-it-yourself website platform, I knew it was time to get the job done right. The time and money spent with Anca has more than paid off. In fact, in the first month since launching my new e-commerce site, my online orders have gone through the roof! - Molly, Pretty Flours

Who is my ideal client?

Established merchants that are looking to scale their online sales.

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