By Joyce Golden | September 1, 2022 | VIP's

What can be done in a VIP Day(s)?

So, you might be asking yourself, “What can be done in a VIP Day?”.

The answer may surprise you!

Multi-tasking is hard. It's like the “tried and true” advice that we all should take advantage of our time on task, but we know for many people this isn't always realistic when dealing with constant interruptions and an increasingly distracting world.

According to Psychology Today, “Distraction impacts work performance. When we're interrupted, it takes time away from the task at hand. As a result, a study found, interruptions cause us to speed up the task in order to make up for lost time, increasing our stress levels and frustration.”

Without distractions, a VIP Days provider can create your entire website, build a campaign landing page and funnel to attract leads or maybe you purchased your accounting software last year and haven’t taken the time to organize it or use it properly; a VIP Days service provider can do this too!

“The key to a VIP Day Offer is preparation and expertise.  Your VIP Days provider will have systems and processes in place to get what they need from you on/before your VIP Day to make the biggest impact on your goals.  Then they will provide their expertise to accomplish everything promised.”

We’ve listed 50+ things that can be done in a VIP Day below:

  1. Organize your CRM with Lists, Tags, Segmentation and more
  2. Brand your Business – finally get the Visual Identity of your Brand nailed down
  3. Social Media Content Creation – for a month, for a quarter or for the year
  4. Personal Assistant for a Day – who doesn’t need this?
  5. Landscape Design – for a small garden or full backyard redesign
  6. Product Photography – for your next product launch
  7. Growth Strategy – learn how to get more leads by implementing systems and tools
  8. Financial Planning – your financial roadmap with tips and guides to stay on track
  9. Email Management – finally get that dreaded inbox cleaned out and start fresh
  10. Video Editing – gather your videos for the perfect on-brand set of video edits
  11. Content Planner – never wonder again what you should post next
  12. Meal Planning & Nutrition Guides
  13. Your Blogs written for a month!
  14. Lesson Plans – love being a teacher, but need more engaging lesson plans?
  15. Plan, Outline and Begin writing that book
  16. Instagram Optimization or any social media platform optimized
  17. Paid Media/Ad Strategy for your business to achieve insane conversion rates
  18. Spend the Day with a Fractional CFO and audit your business for opportunities you may be missing
  19. Pinterest anyone?  Get a plan to increase visibility with keyword planning and more on Pinterest
  20. Event Planning – create an entire plan for your next event in a day
  21. Tech Solutions – do you have a punch list of techy things you are missing in your business?
  22. A Course in a Day – WHAT!?  You have the idea, you have the copywriting and videos, but you just need the implementation.  Yep, that too can be done in a VIP Day.
  23. Home organization – Let’s not pretend we don’t all need this one.  ;) 
  24. Specialist for a Day – Dubsado, MemberVault, Honeybook, Kajabi…the list could go on and on
  25. Funnel Integration and Setup
  26. Product Descriptions in a day – new product line?  Have a copywriter write all the descriptions for your online store.
  27. High Level Marketing Strategy – contract a fractional Chief Marketing Officer for a day
  28. Build a Custom Analytics Dashboard to view your data
  29. Legal Business Services – write or review a contract, handle copyrights and/or trademarks
  30. Don’t know what to wear for those big events?  Contract a Personal Stylist
  31. Get a custom Workout Plan to fit your body type and needs
  32. Plan a Trip with a World Traveler – go beyond the typical tourist spots
  33. Strategize your next big Business Launch with an expert
  34. Build Workflows
  35. Zapier Experts make Happier Connections ☺ 
  36. SEO Strategy, Implementation
  37. Coding
  38. Marketing Automations – make your business more efficient
  39. Build out your entire Canva System
  40. Email Marketing for the newest product, for nurturing clients and prospects
  41. Wordpress Maintenance and Cleanup 
  42. Calendar Setup with Acuity, Calendly or other scheduling platform
  43. Tax Preparation – prepare taxes or perform an audit
  44. Realtors Market your newest listing from A to Z in a day
  45. Need an HR Expert for a day?  Create Employee Manuals, Revise Employee Benefits Guide
  46. Plan your Wedding 
  47. Shadow a successful CEO for a day – learn, discover and enjoy the look into another business
  48. YouTube Star wannabe?  You can do it.  Learn from a YouTube Star
  49. Gather your Team and do a Team Building VIP Day
  50. Meeting Facilitation
  51. Identify your Target Audience and how to connect to them
  52. Fundraising Strategy – make your next fundraiser or event mean more
  53. Event Marketing – Planning a Golf Tournament, All Hands Meeting, Webinar…get it done!

Honestly, the ideas and opportunities are endless.  You could even hire a “handyman” for a day and get everything from your home project list done in a day.  

Why can’t you just do it all yourself?

Expediency and results drive the VIP Days ideas.  There are so many things other people can provide that free up your time to concentrate on the things YOU DO BEST or that move your goals in the direction you really want.  

Sure, you can do it all, but imagine how much further you will be in a month or a year if you hire the experts to do it! Wouldn’t your family vacation be better if you didn’t have your nose in Slack all day?

The Proof is in the pudding…

We built the entire VIP Days business with VIP Days Providers!  Let us introduce you to our experts(link to about us page)

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