By Joyce Golden | September 1, 2022 | VIP's

What are VIP Days?

What if you could free up more time and still get work done? 

With VIP Days, you can fast-track your goals with the expert guidance of a strategy coach or service provider while increasing your bottom line by leveraging what's already working for your business —and all without negatively impacting your schedule!

So, what is a VIP Day?

For service providers and business coaches, VIP Days are generally an intense, dedicated “day” of work intended to drive results for their clients by focusing on a set goal within a set period of time.  VIP Day offers can range from a single day to a week or more depending on the needed scope.  

“Most people don't realize that they are the key to their own success.”

This is where a VIP Day intensive comes in - it will help you brainstorm, strategize and/or implement systems and processes, so that things can get moving at full speed towards your success!

These days of service for VIPs are designed to give you the space and time necessary in order to reach your goals. Whether it be a specific task at hand, a punch list of tasks or even a lifestyle change, these intense periods provide an opportunity that not many other things can offer- single minded focus on one thing with no distractions allowed!

You basically get to skip the line and work with only the best of the best.

Are all VIP Days virtual?

No, not at all.  VIP Days providers can set in-person and/or virtual day(s) to get your goals accomplished.  There are no real set rules to what you can get accomplished in a VIP Day.  

Ready to give VIP Days a try and get work done?  Explore our VIPs here.

“VIP Days are best when your business needs an expert to get work done but you don’t have the time to wait for the average service provider or business strategist to get work done.”

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