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VIP Days: More Than a Business Model

When you first started your own business, you might have had certain expectations regarding how it was going to look. 

Breaking free from that constricting corporate job felt so good, remember? And as you began to walk down the path of your entrepreneurial journey, it finally felt like this was your moment to have complete control over your career. 

However, by now, like many other entrepreneurs out there, you've probably been reunited with your old friend: burnout. 

Whether you are getting paid hourly, by project, or operating under a monthly retainers model, with all the countless work hours and never-ending due dates, you might be questioning if being an entrepreneur is even worth all the hype. 

But let me tell you, it is — when you use the VIP Days business model!

VIP Days is more than just a business model, it's a revolution.

So what do we mean by that? We'd be happy to explain!

An opportunity to create your ideal life

VIP Days allows you to take ownership of your time and deliverables and enjoy life while doing it. By offering VIP Days, you can free up your time because you'll be attracting ideal clients who are willing to pay you the best money for your talent and years of experience — for only a day of work!

As a VIP Days provider, you won't need to worry about scope creep, inconsistent timelines, overlapping client projects, delayed payments, or countless unpaid hours. Instead, all you'll need is a one-day intensive to focus on and deliver your action items for one client. 

In other words, you're like their magical fairy godmother who swoops in, goes into their zone of genius, and leaves the company better than where it was when they arrived. And at the end of the day, your work with them is done

This means more time off for you because you'll be making more than enough money to support working as little as once — or twice a month if you want to! VIP Days allows you to work the way you want to work and get rewarded for your expertise.

Conquer mindset barriers

Having feelings of fear, self-doubt, or imposter syndrome in your work is basically a right of passage as an entrepreneur. Even so, we mustn't get stuck in these types of mindset barriers if we want a successful business.

VIP Days is not only a business strategy, but also a community where other VIP providers can support each and lift each other up. Because who would Monica be without Rachel, anyway?

Our "Friends" feature allows you to vouch for each other so that your clients will get trusted new contacts and you’ll get the satisfaction of supporting your friends in the biz.

When you have a supportive community cheering on the sidelines, you are far less likely to slip into the mindset barriers that could potentially hinder your business goals. Instead, you'll have enough fire in you to take it to the next level with absolute confidence. 

Put your unique energy, talents, and skills out to attract your ideal clients

The VIP Days platform is a unique marketplace where you can showcase your niche talents and skills to potential clients that are seeking your service-based business. 

Here, service providers can make connections and get work offers without having to spend a ton of time searching and applying for work. At VIP Days, you can make it big online by building a platform that markets your talents to premium, top-paying clients.

Your VIP Day profile can be as niche as your favorite little boutique down the street! Create an engaging bio, with the option to upload a video introducing yourself. You can specify everything from the type of clients you work for to even the kind of bundles you offer. There's also a space for testimonials so you can really flaunt your stuff!

For whatever your entrepreneurial needs are, VIP Days is there to provide you with a consistent opportunity to be in the face of new clients without the effort and cost of competing in the typical freelance market.

There is no right or wrong way to do a VIP Day… your way is the right way!

VIP Days allows you the opportunity and space to own your life and all the uniqueness that comes with being you. 

No longer will time management be a crippling aspect of your everyday work-life, no longer will you spend hours and hours of work on projects and revisions that don't seem to end.

VIP Days work because you are able to work your own way. Whether that's doing a deep dive for a whole day and taking time off for a couple of weeks, or splitting your VIP intensive into two half days and taking a month's vacation, you are in control of your work schedule.

Are you ready to unlock freedom and boost income with VIP days? Register today!

See you in the VIP circle! ✨

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