By Joyce Golden | September 1, 2022 | VIP's

What are the Benefits of VIP Days?

Dedicated attention, the ability to work quickly and someone who keeps the focus is what you/your business will benefit from most. 

Depending on the stated goal(s), you may accomplish many small tasks or a monstrous one with VIP Days.  But anyone can accomplish a task, right!  So, why a VIP Days provider or strategy coach?

Time, Focus and Expertise for entrepreneurs are some of the most valued resources.

There are many benefits, but first let’s talk about TIME!

Getting rid of time consuming tasks in your day is by far the most important lesson for Entrepreneurs.  You didn’t start your business just to answer sales calls, brand email marketing, learn how SEO is key to so much… no, you started your business to make a difference, to see your vision implemented with epic precision and meet the goals you set for yourself.  Time is money, right? Time is only money if you choose how to use your time wisely and how to allocate projects and tasks not in your zone of genius to others. 

VIP Days will give you back time and your joy in creating the business you envisioned.

Oh the hours wasted juggling everything waiting until you have the money, energy or idea; until you have time to hire that expert.  Well, now this is interesting!  Take a minute and think about where your business would be if you had decided to work on one priority goal at a time instead of struggling to do all of them at once, not giving the focused energy needed.  Could you have tripled your sales this year instead of projecting this goal for next year?

Another key to VIP Days success is focusing on one goal at a time and making sure you have clear intentions for a return on the investment.  The power of one-on-one attention is the best way to get things done. Your VIP Days provider will be able to focus solely on the priority task(s), reaching goals and thinking deeper because of the expertise and focus.

Speaking of expertise, we’ve already done the vetting for you.  Service providers and strategy coaches that use the VIP Days model are amongst the best in their space.  Why? Because they’ve mastered systems and processes in their niche to remove the fluff, scope creep, learning and more that would otherwise interfere with the success of your goals.  

The VIP Days providers have committed to a focused, single accomplished goal in a niche where they have learned, studied, practiced and succeeded consistently.  Their clients hire them for the amount of knowledge and talent they possess, not the time it takes to accomplish a goal.

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Executives are always looking for ways to get more done in less time and with fewer resources. That’s why VIP Days have become so popular – they offer the opportunity to focus on a specific project or goal, with the help of an expert, and under no pressure to answer emails or take phone calls. What could your business accomplish with a VIP Day? Let us know how we can help you make the most of this valuable resource.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your business the gift of a VIP Day(s)! 

Not sure where to start? We can help. Explore our marketplace of VIPs (link to explore page) today and let’s get your business on the path to success. What could your business accomplish with an entire day focused exclusively on you and your needs?

Time, attention and expertise are some of the most valuable resources entrepreneurs have – make the most of them by booking yourself a VIP Day!

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